Cinta Sayang Golf and Country Resort


Blooming Flower.

This award-winning resort was established since 1990 and has attracted guests from all walks of life, making it an internationally renowned recreation destination. To support its continuous growth, the resort has taken the initiative to undertake a major renovation at the existing lobby in the opinion that an attractive lobby makes a long-lasting first impression to all guests.

The main challenge of this project is to transform the existing lobby which is thoughtfully connected by a restaurant, alfresco café and other functional areas into a space reminiscent of a breath of fresh air while preserving harmony and balance to its existing tropical architecture.

“Blooming Flower” is the metaphor represented in the application of timber louvres encompassing the existing columns and reception counter’s backdrop along with LED lights to further enhance the wall in creating a cosy ambiance as being reflected and compared to the blooming process of a flower.

This transformation creates a sense of freshness and connection to its functional areas while dramatically redefines its relationship with the tropical architecture.