Locus Art Gallery


Interaction Between Art and Culture.

Locus Art Gallery is a conceptual gallery with its core objective to promote appreciation and support for local work of art through collaboration with local talents. Locus is situated at Solaris Dutamas, a hub integrating living and business development with an artistic touch to further enhance the well-being and vitality to those who work, live and visit.

The goal, therefore, is to design a space readily enhancing the local culture as well as sharing a relationship with a particular aspect of contemporary culture, art compositions within this urban surrounding.

The application of building material such as corrugated zinc roof arranged randomly on the walls reflects the impact it had on our local historical culture and the transition period where corrugated zinc roof became both sentimental and nostalgic. This minimalist interior has the intention of presenting the art pieces as the dominant subject in design, creating a gallery to reinterpret local art scene through a contemporary context, providing a connection with both arts and living blending smoothly in a subtle manner.