How We Work

Each landscape is the result of careful analysis, planning and implementation. We seek perfection in every step to ensure the finest standards.

1. Schematic Design Phase

Project commences with a debriefing and analysis of the client’s instructions, objectives and requirements. Preliminary conceptual sketches are then prepared according to the project brief. Preliminary conceptual sketches are developed into sketch designs after consultation with planners, engineers and architects among other consultants. Sketch designs will be sent to relevant authorities for the application of planning approval or approval in principle to comply with the relevant by-laws. Preliminary estimates of construction cost and volume of unit cost are prepared. All necessary documents are prepared and submitted to relevant approving authorities for planning approval.

2. Design Development Phase

Once the approval of the proposals is given by the client/relevant authority, schematic design drawings are developed to commence on detailed design work. Working drawings are prepared and submitted together with all necessary documents to the relevant approving authorities for landscape approval in support of the statutory building approval. Preliminary estimates of landscape construction cost are updated and submitted to the client for approval. Project planning and implementation schedule is then updated and submitted to the client for approval.

3. Contract Documentation Stage

Detailed drawings are finalised with specifications and other particulars prepared for the bills of quantities by the Landscape Architect Consultant. All necessary documents for tender work are prepared. Audit of tenders is conducted and the audit report is submitted to the client for approval. Award of Contract. Contract documents are prepared for signature by the client and consultant.

4. Contract Implementation and Management Phase

Landart will oversee the landscape design and architecture of the project by providing information and instruction to the contractor. Landart will inspect the work programme submitted by the contractor to ensure that the works can be completed within the contract period. Works are inspected at periodic intervals to ensure that works are proceeding as planned and are in accordance with the requirements for the certificate of fitness for occupation from the relevant approving authority. As-built drawings of landscape works and maintenance manual are prepared for the client.