Raymond Ling Guang Kowng

Raymond Ling Guang Kowng


A first class honours holder in Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Raymond L. has had the opportunity to gain precious working experience as an assistant trainee at Landart Co. Ltd., Shanghai, People’s Republic of China where he managed to participate in several large-scale residential projects. His chronological profile includes the Special Design Award for FLORIA 2013 and Eve Suite in Ara Damansara.

Raymond has great confidence in handling various types of 3D modelling and rendering software, from CAD to SketchUp, Lumion 3D, Adobe Photoshop and Kerkythea. He is always keen to explore new software for architectural design because he believes that digital illustration and advanced 3D modelling software will be the essential tools in the near future in aiding designers achieve sophisticated architectural designs that are tougher to express in conventional methods of drawings.

This young talent also believes that every design should always have its personal touch instead of obliging to globalism inherent of latest trendy designs. Landscape and architecture are the reflection of life itself; both of which must be achieved with due consideration of time, purpose and users.